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Christmas Gifts for the Homeless (12/25/13)
Don't ... The Widow (07/03/13)
Have Faith (04/01/12)
Jesus Day with Pastor Shepherd (11/24/07)
Jesus Plane (11/26/07)
Pastor Shepherd Beer Commercial (12/6/07)
Scooter on Prayer Hour (12/21/07)
Pastor Shepherd’s New Book (1/25/08)
Pastor Shepherd on the Elections (2/11/08)
Actor Gary Busey on Prayer Hour (2/24/08)
John Daker on Prayer Hour (Lost Episode) (4/8/08)
Mother’s Day Gift from Prayer Hour (5/8/08)
Obama is the Anti-Christ (6/7/08)
Economic Stimulus Checks (6/19/08)
Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie’s twins pics (7/15/08)
The Dark Knight Prayer Hour (7/21/08)
Pastor Shepherd goes to Mexico (8/5/08)
Pastor Shepherd for President (9/9/08)
Palin Ties to Terrorism (9/30/08)
Presidential Debate - What They Didn’t Show You (10/14/08)
Jesus Movie - Better Then Mel Gibson’s (11/10/08)
Pastor Shepherd Does Sundance (1/27/09)
Pastor Shepherd Does Academy Awards (2/17/09)
Multiplying Your Money (3/7/09)
Christmas Prayer Message (12/14/09)
Save A Cute Puppy Buttons (12/25/09)
Dramatic Child Rescue (12/25/09)
Pastor Shepherd Red Carpet Movie Premiere (04/27/10)
Prayer Hour Prayer Warriors (05/14/10)
Pastor Shepherd Red Carpet Movie Premiere (04/27/10)
Paris Tour De France Mission (08/03/10)


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